A complete home automation system should provide you and your family an “all-purpose” means of making life simpler, safer—and even more fun with ease—while saving energy at the same time.  

Popular Products:
We feature the best performing technology solutions available, offering exclusively designed home theatre, media room, custom whole-house audio/video systems, smart residential/commercial automation and control systems, and telecommunication and networking solutions.  Sounds of the Future provides expert design, sales and installation for both new construction and existing homes or businesses  integrating the finest audio and video components into an easy-to-use system that will last a lifetime. 

Business Systems:

  • Video camera systems that keep your business--as well as your employees--safe in an environment-friendly fashion;
  • Networking systems between departments and offices;
  • Telecommunication systems;
  • Security and gate control systems;
  • Media room for small group viewing of presentations, or large group video presentations;
  • Orientation and training video/audio environments for new or existing staff to streamline your business needs;
  • Video/audio environments that help facilitate selling your company’s best features to investors, advertisement campaign managers, and others.

Home-Automation Systems:
Home automation is a broad term.  We think of it as easy, all-purpose control that may involve anything from the simplest level of home entertainment to the highest level of custom programming for a variety of sub-systems within the home that serve a variety of functions. 

Your uniquely designed home-automation system may include one or more of the following elements:

  • Whole-house music;
  • Intercom;
  • Distributed video;
  • Networking;
  • Security;
  • Lighting control;
  • Heating and cooling systems;
  • Pool and spa control;
  • Cameras;
  • Gate control.

Imagine a fire code from your home’s internal alarm system that “tells” your home’s lighting system to flash exterior lights, making your home easy for emergency personnel to locate!  Imagine the fun of entertaining when by pressing one button, you can begin an entire sequence of events, including setting lighting scenes, playing music in appropriate rooms, and causing landscaping lights to stay on for the convenience of guests arriving or leaving your home. 

A home automation system will tie one or more “sub-systems” together, enabling you to access them from a single point of contact.  Any single sub-system can operate independently in a well-designed automation system.  With custom programming, using wireless touch panels, wall-mounted touch panels or keypads, or even an iPhone or iTouch, you alone will have the ability to tell your home or office how to control each subsystem, making your home or office energy-conservative, safe, and fun!